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Benefits of Alcohol for Health

 advantages of drinking alcohol wikipedia
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Benefits of Alcohol for Health - One of the most consistent findings in the world of nutrition lately is that the consumption of alcohol and liquor (in small quantities) can increase the body's health in General and lead you on longevity.

However, there is more goodness more surprising was hiding in a drink You — be itbeer, gin and tonic, or white wine — which turned out to be able to do everything from strengthen brain to cure colds and cold.

6 Good Benefits of Alcohol

The following are 6 benefits that may be gained from a slight amount of alcohol consumption.

1. Good for heart health

Reasonable intake of any liquor or alcohol can cut heart disease risk by up to 40 percent, according to a review that involved more than 100 prospective study from the Harvard School of Public Health, reported by from Live Strong.

From the Telegraph, reported by researchers from the Mediterranean Neurological found that consuming beer in the limit of necessity every day can reduce the risk ofheart disease by up to 25 percent. The research team concluded, drinking beer until 1.3 litres per day for men and half of women (around 0.65 liters) can have beneficial effects for your heart.

As well as consuming red wine (red wine). In addition to good for heart health, consumption of red wines (reasonably) Note can help you lose weight, reduce forgetfulness, enhances the immune system of the body, and prevents brokened bone.

The benefits of alcohol for health against heart health with regards to its ability to increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, and reducing blood disorder that can cause a blockage of the arteries — with a heart attack may follow.

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 beer for hair
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2. Beer is rich in vitamin B

Beer is not always contain empty calories. Various studies find that beer contains thiamin and riboflavin (vitamin B two types), as well as calcium, magnesium, and selenium are more than wine and cider. The researchers suspect this is due to the raw material used to make beer (such as barley or hops/bud spruce) and the difference in how to make.

The active compound in hops can protect you from the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, according to a study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry offered from Shape.

Researchers from the Chinese discovered that hops contain xanthohumol which is known to have antioxidant and anticancer benefits, serves to slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact

Nevertheless, beer type brew known dark has advantages nutritional value other types of beer beat. One glass standard (12-ounces) beer lager offering less than one gram of fiber, while the dark brew containing more than one gram of fiber per glass dish.

More surprising yet, the dark brew beer contains iron deposits of 121 ppb (partsper billion) compared to regular beers have 92 ppb and non-alcoholic fermentation of beet as much as 63 ppb.

Iron carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the muscles of the body and the other organs of the system, so that when Your iron intake is below average, oxygen will flow more slowly, which can make you feel tired, lethargic, and irritability.

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3. Good for kidney health

Although the fizzy drinks and syrups have been associated with an increased risk ofKidney stone formation (23-33 percent), consuming beer and wine in fact just showsthe percentage much lower risk — 41% decreased risk at 31 percent for beer and wine.

In addition, regular consumption of alcohol is known to be able to lower the risk ofemergence of gallstones. In contrast, people who do not regularly incorporate alcohol in her everyday consumption did not show the existence of a significant relationship against such risks.

Active compounds in alcoholic beverages affect the good and bad cholesterol in the blood, but also affects the level of the cholesterol contained in bile. Plus more, having excess body weight is one of the risk factors of developing gallstones. Thus, the consumption of alcoholic beverages responsibly can help you manage your weight is healthy.

4. Vodka is good for maintaining healthy teeth and mouth

Vodka has a high alcohol level, which also has a very good quality antibacterial. When used as a mouthwash, vodka can kill the bacteria the causes of bad breath, and if you want to add a factor of his senses, you can add some clove stems, sheets of mint leaves, or a loaf of cinnamon to improve the freshness.

Alcohol Effects on the Digestive System
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5. Benefits of Alcohol on the Brain Improve brain performance

Routine downed a lot of alcohol is known to be damaging to the brain over the long term, but if you know the trick and consume your favorite liquor with reasonable benefits of alcohol on the brain can help prevent a decline in cognitive function of the brain.

Research of Loyola University found that drinkers of alcoholic beverages which controls the number of people that consume show a decrease in the risk of developing cognitive impairment as much as 23 percent, including Alzheimer's disease, and other forms of dementia when compared with non-drinkers.

A study of the issue of Consciousness and Cognition shows that the consumption of liquor in a reasonably portion coupled with problem-solving functionality out of the box creative thinking, aka. The team found that men who drank vodka cranberries until the level of alcohol in the blood reach 0.75 percent managed to solve a problem creatively in the time faster than a group of men who did not drink alcohol.

6. Wine good for preventing flu and cold — also maintain eye health

Indeed, chronic consumption of alcohol can damage the immune system and thus puts you at higher risk against various diseases, but the key is: just a little! social benefits of alcohol.

Studies conducted by the Oregon Health Science University against & Makaka APE(primates who have the immune system of the body design is most similar to humans) found that the APE consuming wine within the limits of reasonable quality improvement showed the immune system. Instead, the APE who drank too much showeda weakened immune system.

A glass of red wine, when compared to white wine, contain iron, magnesium, potassium, and lutein zeaxanthin also higher. All these compounds are carotenoids may reduce the risk of cataracts and macular makular (loss of central vision due to damagein the middle of the retina, as well as the major cause of blindness at the age of 50 years and over).

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Before you open Your bottle of champagne to celebrate this good news, keep in mind that the responsibility is the key for the sake of getting the overall good benefits of alcohol. Drinking responsibly means an average of one glass of liquor of your choice in one day for women and two glasses a day for men. Outside the guidelines of this healthy, you will endanger your health.

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Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Treatment

Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Treatment
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Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Treatment - Already so many articles distributed on the internet that discuss the benefits of soursop leaves good for treatment, health, beauty or to simply processed into food, but still rare in Indonesia especially laboratory research that examines the benefits of soursop fruit and leaf in the treatment.

Arguably, the use of the fruit and leaves of soursop in treatment is an alternative medicine. During this time, the majority of patients prefer the treatment of ' modern ' use of drugs and chemotherapy to overcome his illness. Although treatment with this method is very sick and suffering, it is also expensive, they believe it is more ' reasonable ' due to proven scientifically.

Benefits of Soursop Leaf

soursop fruit
This time I will not compare which one is effective among modern medicine with alternative medicine, but for those of you who have health problems as later I will discuss below, there is no harm in trying alternative treatment methods using this soursop fruit and leaves.

A few things to establish alternative treatment that you utilize this soursop leaves in addition to cheap, easily obtainable, also minimal risk.

Well, what are the benefits of soursop leaves for treatment?

A. Benefits Of Soursop Leaves For Treatment

The benefits of Soursop Leaf to treat cancer
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1. The benefits of Soursop Leaf to treat cancer

soursop fruit leaves
As in the General invention, the benefits of soursop leaf to treat cancer is found by the Amazons in the 90s after through a series of laboratory testing found the facts very astounding. Soursop fruit is very effective as a miraculous natural killer cells against cancer, about 1,000 times stronger than chemo therapy.

According to the United States health experts research, turns fruit soursop leaves contain anti-cancer substances called Annonaceous Acetogenin. The substance can kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells in the human body. Unfortunately this discovery was kept secret because it feared would harm the industry's chemotherapy which at that time was popular-popularity to overcome cancer. Then in 2000 an pharmaceutical and medical experts from Korea and Japan doing research in the laboratory to examine the merits of this soursop fruit. The result is a stunning, eight types of cancer can be treated by using this soursop fruit leaves.

How to use a soursop leaves treatment

Now that you know the benefits of Soursop fruit of this extraordinary, I will share ways of preparing the leaves and fruit soursop.

For the treatment it is recommended to make the region as follows:
  • Take the 10 strands of soursop leaves the dark green.
  • Boil 3 cups of water (approximately 600 cc) until the remaining 1 cup water.
  • Chill filtered, and then drink it every morning and afternoon.
  • The direct effect is the stomach will feel noticeably warm, or hot, sweaty bodies.
  • But once again I remind, alternative treatment methods using the herb leaves soursop in is not immediately eliminate the disease will direct you. Do drink the inimitable soursop leaves this routine for the next 3-4 weeks effect will looks.

2. Benefits of soursop leaf to treat diabetes

benefits of soursop leaf
The nutrients contained in soursop leaves is believed to be able to stabilize blood sugar levels within the normal range. In addition, soursop leaf extract can be used as a natural herbal medicine diabetes solution.

3. Benefits of soursop leaf to treat Gout

Diseases of uric acid is usually her by the older men. But not closing the possibility, the young women and men are also affected by the disease of gout. To treat gout could use potions soursop leaves. How, boil 10 sheets soursop leaves an old one but still green (not the brownish especially dried) with water as much as 1 cup to a boil. After warm drink this concoction twice a day.

4. Benefits of soursop leaf to lower high blood pressure

Hypertension/high blood disease is a dangerous state of affairs because it can invite other diseases and conditions that are more dangerous, such as a stroke. To lower blood pressure, you can drink the water decoction of leaves of soursop.

Benefits of soursop leaf to Cough Lightly
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5. Benefits of soursop leaf to Cough Lightly

soursop leaf
For a mild cough, prepare 7 sheets soursop leaves young. Squeeze and the capacity of the water. Drink every morning before get a breakfast.

6. The benefits of soursop leaf to treat Lumbago

Soursop leaves can also be used for pain medication. How to provide 20 Sheets soursop leaves then boiled using 5 cups of water to live and drink 1 glass 3 times 3/4 glass vernacular.

7. Benefits of soursop leaves to Cure asthma and shortness of breath

Prepare 7 soursop leaf created by ants nest rang rang. Then squeeze and the capacity of the water until it reaches approximately half a glass. Drink every morning until your disease cured.

8. Benefits of soursop leaf to treat Ulcers

Take some young soursop leaves as many as 5 to 10 strands and then glue it in place are exposed to such ulcers ulcers until it dries.

Benefits Of Soursop Leaf To Beauty
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B. The Benefits Of Soursop Leaf To Beauty

Well, for this one I am sure the women, especially the teenager who wants a pretty face, smooth, and glowing would be interested. What are the benefits of soursop leaves for beauty? Please note the following:

1. The benefits of soursop leaf To Slimming stomach.

soursop fruit
Soursop leaf proved can make digestion smoothly so that the body can remove substances that are not needed by the body on a regular basis. In effect, if your regular bowel movements, then your body will not hoard a lot of fat and slim look.

For slimming stomach is how:
Select the soursop leaf green and take 10 sheets only. After that, add the 3 cups of water then boil till remaining soursop leaves just one glass. Later, Consumeh regularly twice a day regularly, then your body is guaranteed to look slimmer.

2. Benefits of soursop leaf to eliminate acne.

the benefits of soursop leaf soursop fruit trees
Subsequent benefits of soursop leaves is to eradicate acne, black flecks, and blackheads on the face so that your face will be cleaner and shining. How to perform facial treatments using soursop leaves: take 6 sheets soursop leaves an already dark green then stood until smooth. Mix rose water in soursop leaves already pounded and use as a mask on your face. You can also use a soursop leaf to tighten the skin and look more youthful way to boil the leaves and drinking water decoction of leaves of the soursop on a regular basis.

Whew, it's been long enough and many benefits of soursop fruit and leaves that I describe here. Oiya, adding one more, soursop fruit ripen may also be consumed directly for fitness and disease prevention. Sour sweet sour fresh. Or, you could make it a pure juice without any extra to drink.

I think enough of my postings about the benefits of soursop leaves for health and beauty. Thank you've pleased stop by and read this article. Hopefully there are benefits that can be taken. And for those of you who are currently being tested with the disease may soon be given relief. Amin.

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Baby oil for Breast Massage

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Caring for pregnant breasts indeed should be done, you can begin during pregnancy are aged 5-6 months. You can do it yourself in while bathing or leisure. Let's start with the breast health care for a lifetime of invaluable investment.

Bathing Time Breast Massage

Bath is a very fun isn't it? Because the create part mother, when shower is one of me time simple. And as it turns out, breast care while pregnant also can you do while you bathe.

Prepare supplies such as a footbath containing warm water, a basin containing cold water, baby oil, towels and cotton. You can massage the breast while bathing in a way

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Clean the breast with water
Massage with baby oil. Do massage with both hands. Massage the breast surrounding the rotating direction of the clock. Repeat again with the counter-clockwise direction.
Create movement sort of down toward the nipple. But remember never massaging a nipple breast slap slowly by using the fingertips. Pat lightly to smoothing on the breast blood circulation somewhat works better.

Clean your nipple with baby oil smeared cotton. This is done to Flex and moisturizing nipple so that when reducing nipples chafing.

Use warm water to clean the breast and nipple. Afterwards dry it with a soft cotton towel.

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Breast Exercises

It turns out that there are special gymnastics movement of the breast. Gymnastics movement can strengthen the muscles of the pektroralis in the chest so that the breasts are more tight and stimulates the production of BREAST MILK is better.

Gymnastics movements easy ! You can do gymnastics breasts before or after bathing. Try the following movement

Position ye stand, raise your right hand holds part of the left arm near the elbow. Otherwise the left hand holds the forearm right. Then create a movement attracted move to the chest with retain its grip. Feel the pull on the muscles at the base of the breast. Then relax your. Repeat this movement as much as 30 times.

Hold the shoulders with both ends of the hand, then rotate the elbow to the front so that the arm part in sorting the breasts toward above. Continue with the hand movements up and back and back to its original position. Do this movement as much as 20 times round.

How easy is it? So start to care about the health of the breast to stay tight and beautiful during pregnancy.

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Benefits of Mango Leaf for Diabetes

Benefits of Mango Leaf
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Benefits of Mango Leaf for Diabetes - As it turned out, not only healthy mango, but the leaves are also nutritious! Based on numerous studies, these leaves are known to have a variety of nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A and antioxidant flavonoids and phenols that are beneficial for the health of your body.

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Well, if you or your family members there who have diabetes that is characterized by high blood sugar levels, then you can take advantage of mango leaves to cope with the disease. Mango leaves contain tannin substances called anthocyanidins, which are useful to help treat the early symptoms of diabetes, slowing the development of diabetes, and strengthen blood vessels in and around the pancreas are damaged by diabetes. Mango leaves also contain compounds 3beta-taraxerol synergy with insulin to reduce or stabilize blood sugar levels.
How to cultivate mango leaves to serve as the diabetes drug was not difficult. Enough to boil the water with 3-4 leaves of mango, then let stand overnight, then drink the water the next morning before eating food or other beverages. Do this every day so that your blood sugar levels are always within normal levels.

In addition to utilizing mango leaves, it is also important to begin to change your lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle, so that diabetes can be controlled, and better yet if it can be prevented early on.

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Benefits Of Having Sex Regularly

Benefits Of Having Sex Regularly
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Health Benefits Of Having Sex Regularly  - Love having sex but have you ever thought about the hidden health benefits of having sex? There is absolutely no doubt that having sex is an undeniable part of our lives.

Health Benefits Of Having Sex Regularly

In addition to recreation and to have offspring, making love also has some health benefits. Here are some health benefits to having sex:

1. Overcoming Stress

Studies show that sex can cope with stress both in women and in men.

2. Prevent Prostate Cancer

Men who ejaculate seven times a week were a third less likely to get prostate cancer.

Health Benefits Of Having Sex Regularly
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3. Overcoming Pain

Sex releases endorphins, happy hormones and painkillers that can reduce pain

4. Benefits of Sex for Beauty as Anti Aging

A study of Edinburgh showed that couples who have sex four times a week look ten years younger. Having sex releases human growth hormones that fight free radicals that cause premature aging. While enjoying sex, you would look younger and more beautiful

5. Increase Immune System

A study at Wilkes University found that having sex twice a week did increase the level of immunoglobulin A, to protect you from common cold and countless other infections.

6. Fight Heart Disease

The American Journal of Cardiovascular Health released a study stating that men who have sex at least twice a week were less likely to suffer from heart disease

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Benefits of Banana for Beauty

Benefits of Banana for Beauty
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Banana Skin Benefit For Facial Beauty, probably many who do not know if the banana peel which we consider to be junk proved to have tremendous benefits for beauty skin. Some famous banana will benefit is the plantain, banana kepok, leprosy bananas, bananas and more bananas.

Bananas can be used as a natural ingredient of beauty because bananas contain many nutrients that are good for health and beauty including vitamin B, B6, C, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and calcium. The content of the course, bananas and skin very well for use as a facial skin care.

Benefits of a banana skin for beauty very interesting to discuss, this is because not many people know the efficacy of banana skin against skin beauty. Nahh for more details, here are the benefits of a banana skin for beauty skin.

Banana Skin Benefit For Facial Beauty

1. Brighten the skin

Have facial skin bright and beautiful is the dream of all women. But to get it is not easy you need to perform a variety of treatments. One of the treatments that you can do it by using banana peels. With a banana peel you do not need to spend money to do maintenance, banana peels you can get for free. Besides a banana skin also does not have side effects which is very safe to use.

2. Remove dead skin cells

Dead skin cells causing the skin to appear dirty, greasy and dull. You do not have to worry about the situation, you need not go to a doctor or a skin specialist buy beauty products at exorbitant prices, you just need to take advantage of the banana peel to resolve the issue. The trick is you mash the banana peel to the manner in mash until smooth and then you stick on your skin evenly. Let stand for a few minutes you just rinse with water until clean.

Benefits of Banana to Treat Acne
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3. Treating Acne

Banana peel can also use to cope with acne prone skin. For those of you who have skin problems with acne you can take advantage of the banana skin, how are you rubbing the inside of a banana peel your skin with acne is smooth and creamy. After the routine use of acne will disappear by itself. For maximum results it is advisable to apply the banana skin on the face in the evening.

4. Overcoming irritation and itching

Skin irritation, allergies, rashes or other skin problems can be overcome only use a banana peel. The trick is paste in banana skin to skin problems and let stand overnight, bladder contained on banana peel will get rid of the sense of irritation and other Gatak.

5. Treating warts

Another benefit of a banana skin is able to treat warts. Rubbing the inside of the banana peel gently on the skin there is a wart. Do it every night it will show its effect after 7-10 days later. You also can put a banana peel on the skin that are warts overnight.

6. Smooth the skin

Problem facial skin dry and rough skin can also be overcome with a banana. To do that you soften the banana peel until soft, then you make a banana skin such as a face mask, you can add natural honey, apply on your skin every day for a few weeks then you will feel the change in your skin, your skin will be smooth and soft.

7. Tighten the skin

The skin is wrinkled or aging is the most frightening specter for all women. All women want to always have beautiful skin and youthful, nahh to get this you can take advantage of a banana skin ,. Banana skin is believed to tighten the skin and prevent aging also wrinkles on the skin. Use a banana skin as a face mask, do this treatment every day to get maximum results.

8. Eliminate scars

The skin is black due to injury-free is certainly very disturbing appearance, especially for those women who have made appearances. For that you need not worry, you can overcome it with a banana peel, you simply rub the inside of a banana skin to your skin is problematic, or by placing a banana peel on the skin is problematic.

Thus the benefits of a banana skin for facial beauty. You can practice the tips above for tips above are proven. May the above information helpful. Thanks.